FAQ for tenants

The rental market can be confusing, especially as every letting agent has their own rules and regulations which, as a tenant, you are bound to follow. We’ve listed the answers to our most common questions here for you below, if there is anything else please give us a call.


How can I arrange a viewing?

Once you have found one or more of our properties that you are interested in, either complete an enquiry form on our website or call 01403 210088. We will take all your details, discuss the suitability of the property and arrange a viewing for a convenient time.

When can a viewing take place?

Our viewing times are between 8.45am and 17.45pm on Monday to Friday and between 9.30am and 15.45pm on a Saturday.

How soon can I arrange a viewing?

This depends on whether the property you want to see is vacant or tenanted. Vacant properties can be viewed without notice subject to the landlord’s approval, tenants are entitled to a 24 hour notice period of any viewing being made.

I've seen a property and I want it, what is the next step?

Firstly, details must have been registered with us and a viewing of the respective property must have taken place. Assuming this has happened then give our office a call on 01403 210088 and we will contact the landlord and tell him/her about your interest and requested terms. If he/she agrees to your terms then we will require a holding fee of one week’s rent to secure interest in the property and take it off the market. This is non-refundable if any relevant person including any guarantors withdraw from the tenancy, fail a right to rent check, provide false or misleading information or fail to sign their tenancy agreement within 15 calendar days.


Do you have any properties that accept pets?

At Lines & James we do not have any set rules on accepting pets and each landlord is entitled to choose whether or not they will allow pets in their particular property. Please be aware however that in the majority of cases pets tend not to be allowed in our properties. Please call our office on 01403 210088 to find out if a pet will be allowed in a particular property.

Do you accept applicants who receive income support?

Lines & James have no policy on this and it is the decision of a respective Landlord. It is also dependant on the type of income support involved and the situation of the applicant. Please call our office on 01403 210088 to find out if your circumstances would be appropriate for a particular property.

Prior to Tenancy/Financial

What references do you require?

We use Homelet for all of our referencing. When references are required we will send you a link to their website to complete all the necessary forms.

Under what circumstances will a tenant need a guarantor?

The Homelet referencing process will decide whether an application requires a guarantor. Guarantors are required for a number of reasons, the most common reason being if the monthly salary of a tenant(s) is less than 2.5 times the monthly rent due.

What is the amount of security deposit that you require?

All of the properties we rent at Lines & James require five weeks’ rent as a security deposit. For example for a rent of £1000pcm we would require a deposit of £1153.84.

Are you a member of a deposit protection scheme?

Yes, Lines & James is a member of the tenancy deposit scheme, an impartial third party who will be consulted in the case of a dispute at the end of the tenancy. You can find out more here on the official page https://www.tds.gb.com/tenants-documents-and-forms.html

What are your pre-tenancy fees?

All of our fees can all be found using this link

How do I pay rent?

Rent should be paid monthly by standing order/direct debit from your bank. We will ask you to set this up so that it is withdrawn from your account three working days before your rent due date thus ensuring it arrives on time.

Do I need to notify the relevant utility companies of my upcoming tenancy?

No, Lines & James will contact the relevant utility companies to transfer the account names into the new tenant(s) name(s) from the commencement of the tenancy agreement.

What about phones and Broadband?

The tenant is responsible for providing their own phone and broadband supplier.

Remember, you can find out all of our terms & conditions in full in our ‘Tenants Guide to Renting’ which can be accessed here.